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4th and OUT

by: Mario GoLuza

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​The NFL is already plagued with injuries despite new player safety protocols.  The league has recently implemented extra-cautionary procedures to address issues of player detriment but it appears to be of no avail.  Cam Newton was THRASHED throughout the season opener, to say the least, and although officials have stepped it up since, these new protocols appear to be ineffective. This season has already seen teams take major blows- Peterson, Rawls, Bryant, Watt, Watkins, amongst others- so What is the solution?

            There isn’t one, at least not yet.  I LOVE football, some may even say I am obsessed with the sport, but what can be done to prevent injuries to these “turf warriors” and stabilize the progressiveness of these body-beatings.  The recent surfacing, at least to the public, of concussions has brought light to one major issue, but the NFL is a long ways from mitigating player injuries to a minimum.  What more can be done?

            Again, there is no present solution.  If there were we assume the NFL would have already employed such regulations.  The most intricate attribute of this ordeal must be how to make this game safer without harming the actual game itself.  Football is a game made up of mental and PHYSICAL characteristics, and to implement rules that would impede these traits would be a disservice to the game and its fans. 

            Nonetheless, for a sport that demands so much rigorous body-beating activity, players continue to endure pain and fans continue to renew their passion every September.  Thus, nobody is in the position to prevent this historic game dating back to the late 1800’s from continuing to prosper.

            Therefore, as we wait to see how the league will proceed with further safety regulations, all we can hope for is that this great game remains the game we have all learned to love for over a century. ​